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Cecily Abram

Cecily has been a lifelong art appreciator with an interest in printmaking that began in 1990. Through the use of master printmaker studios, she continues to explore the variation, spontaneity and endless possibilities with printmaking at Gravity Press-New Orleans, LA, now N. Adams, MA; Hand Graphics,-Santa Fe, NM; Lily Press, Rockville,MD)

Inspired by the colors, flavors and music of New Orleans and SW Louisiana,  colors and strokes can be explosive or muted, flowing or precise in the creation of each one-of-a-kind print.

Use of traditional fine art as well as a pneumatic Bradley press brings printmaking techniques that invite energy, bold color, often with leaf prints embedded.

Gale enjoys experimenting with new mediums and covering a diverse range of topics, therefore, she creates artwork using Acrylic, Fluid Art, Oils, Pyrography, Resin, and Watercolor and her subject matter ranges from the abstract to portraiture.

Maremi Hooff Andreozzi grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. Andreozzi earned a BFA from Cornell University and a MFA from Clemson University. Andreozzi has had solo exhibitions at Glen Echo Park, The Rachel M. Schlesinger Art Center/NOVA, The Torpedo Factory, Radford University, Glenview Mansion for the Arts, Rockville Arts Place, Ritz Carlton Georgetown and The Stimson Center. Her work is in the collection of Restaurant Eve, JD Marriot, DC Commission for the Arts, Arlington County Arts Commission and many private collectors. She lives and works in Alexandria, VA.  

I see the universe as a powerful, vivid place of continual transformation and my works attempt to capture glimpses of it. 

Through my passion to color and always open to the surprises of the unknown. Painting with acrylics and encaustic collage artwork, I invite viewers to enter to my magical realism world and discover a new door to connect to my art. When you find a piece of art that you love, you also find another piece of yourself!

In addition, I have founded a non-profit organization that teaches creativity and art to children and communities both domestically and abroad.

I like to explore the relationships between shapes and the colors and lines that connect them, I  find inspiration in travels as well as visits to national parks because I feel strong connections with nature.  There's a lot of spontaneous energy when I create my pieces, it gives a certain freedom to my spirit to create whatever I feel at that particular moment. That's why I think all art is abstract. You just need to be open to receive the message."

Madison Bolls is an artist and librarian living in Washington, DC. Her award-winning work focuses on mix-media painting, where she explores texture, juxtaposition, and elements of life and death. She holds degrees in Art History and Library and Information Science.

Sally Brucker is an exhibiting artist, specializing in mixed media, intuitive, abstract and figurative work. She recently completed an artist residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She was a member of the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Washington DC for over 12 years. Sally also holds three masters degrees; in early childhood special education, art therapy, and clinical social work. She has been practicing art therapy for over 40 years.

Anne Cherubim is an abstract contemporary landscape painter. She works predominantly in acrylic. Her art is rooted in real life images and textures, with a modern abstraction, often in a limited colour palette. An underlying thread in much of her work is the environment, & stewardship of the planet. Anne’s other body of work is The Recycled Art Project, a series of limited edition digital paintings. 

Karen Cohen is an award winning fine art photographer, a member of Women Caucus for the Arts, Maryland Federation of Arts and The Center for Fine Art Photography. She is Co-Chairperson and a member of Capitol Hill Art League and curates art shows and music events for the Corner Store Arts on Capitol Hill where she is the program manager.

Instagram: karencohenphotoart

My art is a unique style of art that blends small scraps of paper largely from magazines, to create one of kind art, combining collage and mixed media technique. The papers we throw away, magazines, used wrapping paper, brown paper bags, even security envelopes and shredded bills can find a place in my art. My art has a strong focus on historical Afro American icons and historical subject matter.  I also experiment with floral, landscapes and abstracts.

My work roams freely.

I paint in acrylic and oil.  I collage.

I sculpt in clay, metal, wood and found objects.

I'm inspired by the shapes and textures of the landscape.

I'm enlivened by the figure in the studio, and the stranger in the street.

I live and work in Washington DC

In my professional career as a paper conservator, I have researched artists' materials, techniques, photography and technology, and have incorporated that knowledge into my work. Polaroid images have been my recent focus. They have a dream-like quality that evoke a distant time and place. I engage with nature to create my images, and use a combination of vintage and contemporary films, scan the images and digitally manipulate to depict a narrative about the natural world. My inkjet, printed images are on Japanese kozo papers. These papers have lovely translucency and rich fibrous surfaces that become integral elements of the artworks.

My fascination with color and texture started as a child as I dove into my 64 color box of crayons.

I peeled the paper off the crayons like the peel of an apple, in order to get to every last bit of the crayon. I have always seen the world as a symphony of color, shapes and patterns and contrasts. Painting, mosaic, glass and mixed media are just a few of the ways I express myself through art.

Encaustic paintings as imaginary narratives of natural forms and colors. Within the process of encaustic painting I find rich reminders of ancient painting traditions as well as the inherent magical qualities of working with molten pigmented beeswax.  

Kathy Gibson

I’m Kathy Gibson from Berlin, MD. I work in mixed media and oils. Im always experimenting. This is a mixed media piece” Beverly”. Focus on the topic of caregiving

As a photographer I became interested in making sculpture as a way to move my images into three dimensions. From there the natural progression involved finding beauty and intensity in objects beyond their original purpose.

Shenell T. Gironimi

I am committed as an artist in creating works that make the observer feel, see and wonder. My art process always starts with research and a great deal of roughs on paper.  I love working with shapes and colors which remind me of a world that keeps changing and surprising me, leading to works that express the emotions of the subject.  I am blessed with a talent to create works of art, and I am honored for the opportunity to share it.

Looking out to the mountains from the picture window in my childhood home cemented my deep reverence for the landscape. Nature became my oasis of the mind. While among the trees, I can feel the pulsating life force. To me, the land is a living, almost sentient environment, and to express that in my art through the use of texture, light, shadow, and heightened, sometimes vibrant colors, is my joy. I strive to capture something beyond mere representation of the terrain and surroundings. My art celebrates the life-giving properties of being outdoors, or even simply gazing outside through a pane of glass.

My Large  drawings explore life forms in various moods and settings.

I work  with watercolors and  colored pencils and color pencil art sticks. The art sticks are identical to the pencils except they do not come in wood casings. The sticks allow me to work in a larger area and at a quicker pace than I can with pencils.

My work expresses the power of myth and symbols arising from my spiritual and inner life .  The work also presents images of the power of the feminine and images and symbols of feminine energy as seen through the images and symbols reflected  in symbols and myths from ancient cultures which provided  symbols of feminine energy in the natural, instinctive world. Themes related my being a part of the natural, instinctive world are another aspect of my work.   The swirling energy in the natural world is present in my work.

My art roots are grounded in the traditions of the Abstract Expressionist and Hans Hofmann. Most of my instructors were students of Hofmann or students of his students. While I have developed my own style, my values remain closely aligned. Teaching art K-12, four universities and serving several years as president of a midwestern art college, I’m now a retired educator, who paints.

Deborah CC LaCroix paints with oil, draws primarily with ink, charcoal and conte, and sculpts with wax which is then bronzed. 

In my portraits of newborns, I worked to capture the range of emotion they express through their face and bodies.  My media is primarily in oil on canvas but recently I have begun exploring the capability of encaustics to capture the luminosity of a newborn.  

I like to be transported into natural forms. When one thing leads to another I know that experimenting 
has brought me closer to the earth.

I am drawn to bright colors and bold compositions, they bring me joy. I use mostly acrylic paint but also inks, oil pastels, crayons, charcoal, graphite and anything else I come across. Occasionally I use collage, generally papers i have created myself. I love texture in my work. I paint with brushes, knives, my fingers, chopsticks etc. You get the idea, "no rules."

Sonya Michel

Sonya Michel's work includes large-scale acrylic paintings and smaller-scale collages, sometimes combining both media. Fairly new to making art (she retired as a professor of history, women's studies and American studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2015), she believes firmly that painting is not dead, and that abstract expressionism has not been exhausted. She counts among her influences Richard Diebenkorn and Amy Sillman. 

I work in oil, acrylic, and mixed mediums. I hope my work will bring a smile to your face or take you to a special place or time. 

Mara is the co-owner of Casa de Arte and the president of the Asociación Cutural Buffalo-Cuernavaca, A.C., (ACBC).

She has also taught art at the Inter American Development Bank Employees Association, in Washington, D.C., and at the Casa de Arte, in Buffalo, N.Y.

US (716) 227-0170 – MEX (777) 189-0640

Kristina Penhoet

Kristina creates sculpture using traditional and modern felt-making techniques with the incorporation of other materials, such as glass, metal and fabric, as appropriate for the work. Taking cues from her life and environment, her work is often biomorphic (resembling living organisms, habitats and landscapes) and seeks to find beauty in the strange and ugly. The natural material reinforces the themes she chooses to explore through her work and the organic properties of her work.

Jane Pettit is a mixed media artist. She is known for her unique sculptural shapes and provocative juxtaposition of materials. She has a talent for depicting attitude using minimalist shapes in her 2D art. Vivid color, texture and reflected light are hallmarks of her work.

Cherie has shown in a number of national and international fine art exhibits and has been an Educator. With enthusiasm Ms. Redlinger has developed and taught studio art and art history classes for afternoon school programs, fine art camps, and college level classes throughout her career. Cherie M Redlinger’s artwork can be found in private collection, museums national and worldwide.

I blurred the lines between objects to abstract and reveal more of their essence. By moving the camera while the shutter is open, light is formed into specific brush strokes. Familiar objects are reduced to textures, shapes, lines and colors. The concept of foreground and background is challenged as depth of field is flattened. Objects appear closer to the surface and often take on different textural qualities. Images contain streaks and lines of an object’s former shape.

I am inspired by many forms of art, including theater and dance performances, and of course by many painters, old masters as well as modern and contemporary. My aim in most of my work is to create art that lifts the soul from the mundane and the ugly to where we are reminded that humans are capable of rising above petty rivalries, greed and hate. 

Engaging the artist, artwork, and viewer in meaningful visual contemplation, my art explores the embodiment of the human condition in time, space, and place. Energetic and luminescent lines and colors painted on silk forms create a sense of collaborative flow, discovery, and release.  These meditative mindscapes become visual affirmations that attempt to bring light to darkness, especially needed in our turbulent times.

Holly Stone

When creating art I want to break new ground, and make a statement. My paintings on multiple canvases may be recombined and rearranged to be viewed in many different ways. Everyone’s situation is different; we each see things uniquely. So it is with my paintings, turn them around and look again; gain a new insight

The central style of my work is abstract expressionism. Specifically, seeing similarities in celebrations and conflict within natural cycles as well as life experiences. The work itself is unstructured, spontaneous and abstract featuring intense colors. I explore patterns with shape and color as I observe it in nature, history and relationships.  I am drawn to abstract expressionism because of the spontaneity of the process and emotional connection to the viewer.  This style of art asks for a reaction.  Viewers often have a strong emotional response. 

Rachel Sultanik

Rachel Sultanik is a painter, printmaker and mixed media artist specializing in colorful expressionistic works. Rachel has done many commissions, and has exhibited her work at the Katzen Museum, The Dennis and Philip Ratner Museum, The Danish Embassy, and others. She has a BFA in Painting and an MA in Art Therapy. Rachel’s work is in private collections in the Washington D.C. area.​

I have been working with glass since 2003. My inspiration comes from many experiences and places I have traveled both in the USA and around the world. I am particularly interested in color and texture. I am always learning more about glass and how I can “push the envelope” in my work. I love  incorporating other mediums like beads, copper, silver, feathers, swarvski crystals, fusible paper, glass rods, beads and buttons. Sometimes I incorporate my professional graphic design skills into my work including photos, illustrations, typography, maps, and musical scores.

Tronja is from Fredericksburg Va. Her work is inspired by woman and story
telling. Through illustration and surface pattern she is focused on creating bold
colorful work primarily focused on women.

Rebecca E. Volkmann

I began my undergraduate training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1987 and received my BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2004. My work is based in experimentation and is by nature intuitive. My sense of pattern and texture comes from earthly things like a wasp's outer shell, or the ordered chaos of a planted field, but also from the ethereal and atmospheric elements of life. Memory and dreams are inspiration for emotive content in my work with roots in the organic and sensory engagement. This engagement in my process is not linear, but cyclical. My focus is on careful observation and what comes out in the painting itself through color, layering, and texture.

My paintings are abstract and expressionist; the medium is recycled glass with alcohol ink, acrylic paint, or gels. 

As a visual artist, educator, and therapeutic healer, I am particularly interested in exploring the energetic connection between all living things: sea, land and our physical bodies.

Through the language of visual art I communicate this connection as well as the philosophy of constant movement and change.

Barbara Wolanin

Color is what I love most and is what inspired the paintings I made as a studio art major in college.  I ended up being and art historian who is an expert on a Philadelphia modernist and colorist Arthur B. Carles.  As a curator in charge of conservation, accurately matching and restoring color was a prime concern. Recently back to painting myself, I have been trying to channel Carles and just enjoy capturing flowers and playing with color.    

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