"Ace", Small Works by Pat Goslee

March 20 – August 29, 2021

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Virtual artist talk: May 27th @ 6pm


Nano Gallery

2438 18th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009


Ace is a small thing; the dictionary uses “pip” to define it. An Ace in a card game is the smallest, yet most powerful card. In card games, some use a sleight of hand to slip something in without others seeing. In card games, some use a sleight of hand to slip something in without others seeing. These paintings are amalgamations of pips and patterns, examples of environmental interaction both internal and external — micro and macro— that operate as an avenue to the Ace of Hearts.

The show’s title “Ace” honors my uncle, who died when I was on the board of directors of DCAC. I had become acutely aware of the dire state of our infrastructure and had begun making paintings I interpreted as "pelagic meditations," or invocations to purify the waterways. Seeing that my art could function as activism, it was especially rewarding to have the Center for Disease Control use one of these paintings to illustrate antimicrobial resistance on the cover of the April 2018 journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases.

During the pandemic, I came upon some artworks I had shown 20 years ago, in the "1460 Wall Mountables” exhibition of 2000. These included some images of my uncle Ace, along with other friends and family who are no longer with us. The acronym A.C.E. also stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. My memories of Ace, informed by reading difficult collective histories, have deepened my awareness of White privilege regarding health care and exposure to environmental degradation.

Art isn’t an end in itself. Rather, it is a pathway to the ace of hearts, a conduit to community and compassion, a form of healing that brings happiness into a house.

-- Pat Goslee http://www.patgoslee.com

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