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Letter from the President, WCADC

Whatta Year!

Cut to the chase: In the first quarter, Covid lockdown; what the heck? Have an exhibit – “Alone Together”! Never mind a gallery … have a newfangled virtual exhibit.

Social unrest over injustice and murder of African American citizens by the police? Make a statement, take a stand, have another virtual exhibit, “See My Color,” and put wheels in motion to award a scholarship for the first time. Wow! We’ve wanted to do this for so long!

It’s a presidential election year, so another exhibit, “Why I Vote,” in dual modes, virtual online, and actual at the Bohrer Activity Center in Gaithersburg.

Breathless enough? Our bylaws were out of date. Last revised in 1997, when photocopied newsletters required stuffing into envelopes with postage applied. The updated bylaws are on the website for your review and are wanting your ratification at our December 6 meeting.

And . . . art shares. We’ve had several via WebEx, two with other chapters (Boston, and Georgia). We even managed to get out to the National Gallery of Art en mask during the lockdown, which seemed so special to do it was almost a giddying experience. The wonders of video conferencing seemed to open new worlds and many of us participated in webinars offered by NMWA and the National Portrait Gallery.

So, something that was on the face of it an impediment forced us to do things in new ways. We pivoted. In the first quarter of the year we had 50 members, and as I write this we have 130. Our Instagram feed now exceeds 1000 followers. Yowza!

If you see a WCADC board member, say thank you. What a great team we’ve had!

The upshot? Artists who are women are gaining traction. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2021!

Holly Stone

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