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For more than a dozen years while living in Delaware, I worked as a fiber artist. Growing up I learned a great deal about skilled craft work from my mother who also was a fiber artist.

I also love to draw, and decided about six years ago that the time had come for me to return to drawing. While still in Delaware I spoke with the curator

of the BIGGS Museum of American Art and told him that I would commit to making a

drawing a day and that at the end of January I would show him 31 drawings. I did and he agreed to give me a solo show. I gave him 481 drawings - a little more than I had promised.

Afterwards I approached the curator at the Delaware Art Museum and explained my interest in drawing and especially in the concept of Impermanence.

She agreed to my being the guest curator for that show. I enlisted 10 other artists in

the mid-Atlantic region and all of them bought into the concept of Impermanence.

The show was very well received.

Now I have returned to painting and would like to get to know other artists in the DC area..

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