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Join date: Feb 16, 2021


I believe in bold layered work, infused with meaning.

I create portraits, paintings, and prints that anchor me to generations past and examine the question: In times of change, what remains true?

For color and flavor, I embrace the strong influences of Mexico, derived from

summers spent there with my grandparents. The women in my family were taught to mend and repair, and that is why I often incorporate stitching and thread into my work. My art is topical, social, women-centered, and sometimes political - the result of my academic and professional background in television and politics. You’ll also see remnants of my Catholic school upbringing in my work; even though I’ve left many of the teachings behind, the iconography of halos and saints still resonates.

When asked what I do, I respond, "I am a visual storyteller."


Portrait of Singer/Activist Miriam Makeba

Amplify Series | 2021

A Path of Yellow Moonlight to Bring You Safely Home

House Florals | 2022

California Hills: Stitched and Mended

Home/Land Series | 2021

10765 SW 119th Street

Stitched Together Series | 2021

WCA Chapter


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