Why I Vote

A Gallery and Virtual Art Exhibit

The City of Gaithersburg and the Washington Women’s Art Caucus invite women artists to submit work for a juried exhibition entitled “Why I Vote.”  This exhibit commemorates the one-hundredth anniversary ratification of the Constitution’s 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote while exploring the contemporary topics that galvanize women voters, such as climate change, immigration, education and women’s rights. “Why I Vote” invites artists to share the ideas and convictions that drive them to the polls and helps to shape political outcomes across the United States.

Panel Discussion Recording

Juried Artists Displaying Work

Beth Altman ● Linda Andrei ● Madison Bolls ● Theresa Brown ● Greta Chapin Mcgill ● Alicia Y. Christy ● Rosemary Fallon ● Kim Foley ● Juliet Hossain

Pauline Hudel Smith ● Megan King ● Linda Lowery ● Bonnie MacAllister ● Ellen Maidman-Tanner ● Marla Mclean ● Delia Mychajluk ● Jane Pettit

Katherine Richards ● Holly Stone ● Jeanne Sullivan ● Bonita Tabakin ● Rosa Ines Vera ● Deborah Walmer ● Carol Williams ● Jenny Wilson 

Invited Artists Displaying Work

Astrid Adler ● Shanthi Chandrasekar ● Lea Craigie-Marshall ● Sandra Davis ●  Cynthia Farrell Johnson ● Lily Kak ● Lauren Kingsland ● Contessa Magdelana

Andrea McCluskey ● Terry Pellmar ● Yolanda Prinsloo ● Lisa Sheirer ●  Linda Slattery Sherman ● Francine Stowe-Sinkler ● Sage Washington

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