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Connect in New Ways

As artists, we often work alone. We may take classes or participate in critique groups, but art practice is usually solitary. With Covid-19 physical distancing and non-essential business closing, time alone may be amplified well beyond artistic pursuits. 

This is a great time to fill in art connection gaps. For more virtual interaction, Facebook art groups abound. If you prefer more individual contact, Instagram is loaded with artists; comments and direct messages are as plentiful as you choose (start following @wcadcorg if you haven’t yet). If you enjoy staying connected with less back and forth with others, Pinterest allows you to pin your work and look at the work of others by yourself, and on your own timeline.  Many other social media resources also are available. Search in your browser, or reach out to artist friends about their favorite podcasts, blogs, Ted Talks, websites, YouTube channels, etc.

Try Zoom or other platforms to connect with people live to share and discuss artwork, and maintain community. And of course, reach out via email, text, and even regular phone calls to friends just to check in and share what each of you are up to creatively. Your kindness will be appreciated, and may make a real difference to someone struggling in ways about which you may not be aware.

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