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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Dear WCADC Members,

We have been living through more 90-plus degree days than anyone could stand, and I have been steadily sipping cool, effervescent water as much as possible.

So, I’m inspired to title this piece “Effervescence” because this term also captures what happens in organizations with a non-authoritarian power structure. Isn’t it best if ideas bubble up from the members? The very best volunteer organizations stay strong by welcoming new members with new ideas and the sparkling fresh energy this brings.

So, welcome! Welcome your vigor and your ideas. Let’s shimmer and glisten with cool artistic inspiration and advance the cause of women in the arts.

We have important work to do. Check out our Committees by going to the About Us tab on our website, then choose Committees and figure out where you might like to use your talents to forward our cause. Please step up to let your artistic bubble expand and grow with us. Let’s go!

Holly Stone

President, WCADC

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