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First Virtual Art Share

On Saturday May 23rd, Jill Tanenbaum hosted our first chapter Virtual Art Share, with tremendous technical help from Deb Walmer, who enabled image sharing on our screens.  In addition to those named above and myself, we were ten altogether, both new and long-time members; Jane Forth, Ellen Maidman-Tanner, Cherie Redlinger, Renee Sandell, Camilla David, Barbara Frank and Holly Stone.

Each participant explained something about her ideas and techniques. We saw a wide range of styles and mediums. Each piece was strong and beautiful in its own way and garnered positive responses.  The depth and quality of the work was impressive.

Saturday was selected to accommodate members who work during the week. The approximate one hour length was good. Limiting to 10-12 people makes sense, and with so many members now there will be lots of art to see and discuss at future art shares.

Let's keep doing these at least once a month, or even twice a month.  Let me know if you'd like to host the next one, or if you are interested to join the program committee; 

Barbara Wolanin

Program Chair

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