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Interview with Madison Bolls, WCADC Former Exhibition Chair

By Ellen Maidman-Tanner

For this week’s article, I reached out to member, and former WCADC board member, Madison Bolls to ask her some questions about this strange and challenging life-hiatus in which we find ourselves. Here is what she had to say:

Ellen: We are now approaching the first anniversary of the start of the pandemic and all of its restrictions. What impact has that had on your art practice?

Madison: I have a full-time job that I am now doing from home. My studio became my office, so I am literally spending a lot more time looking at my work. I have been taking more risks in my work, especially with color. Pink really came through in 2020! I had never really worked with that color before. And in the beginning, when everything was totally shut down and I could not get new art supplies, I became more inventive with what I had going, for example, from using book pages, to painting books. There was a lot more material play.

Portrait of an Artist Book by Madison Bolls

Ellen: Has your membership in WCADC been helping you during this time?

Madison: I was really impressed how hard the organization tried to move events online and that has helped us stay connected. They’ve really done a great job.

Shine from Heaven Amaterasu framed by Madison Bolls

Ellen: What are some of the changes you have been witnessing in the broader art market?

Madison: Well, Kim Foley’s session on the 18th on how artist websites are changing, was a great example of what has been happening. Selling art online is a huge change. Galleries are there too. I think the gallery structure will change. All of this has been a great equalizer, with lesser known artists able to put themselves out there just like more famous artists. I am disappointed that art writers have not given online shows more press coverage though. Online shows have also bridged the globe with podcasts between countries and exhibits available to view outside the US.

A New Summer by Madison Bolls

Ellen: What do you most look forward to concerning your art activity when we are no longer as restricted as we are today?

Madison: Going to museums and galleries again, seeing artwork, seeing people. And not worrying about being with people!

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