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Letter from our President, Holly Stone


Inclusivity seems to be the watchword for our day. While meeting with the WCADC board a few days ago, we were designating tasks amongst ourselves (you know, the same few people who do most of the work). At some point during these discussions, there is usually some hand-wringing while we wonder how to get more people involved.

That was when the light bulb went off in my head; members may attend board meetings! Discussion ensued; if you expressed interest in a particular area, you may get a message that the board has it on the agenda for the next meeting. When we say you are welcome to attend the board meeting, we mean it. There, you will hear about what’s being planned and be able to get in on the ground floor of the project.

Our mission is “to create community through art, education, and social activism.” When we artists get together, a special kind of synergy occurs. That members can attend board meetings has been in our bylaws almost since forever. Here’s an older watchword, actualize.

So, let’s actualize inclusivity and make some creative synergy happen for ourselves, and for Women’s Caucus for Art. You are welcome!

Holly Stone

WCADC President

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