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Letter from the President, Holly Stone

The Gardener

As I was ticking off all the things that must be done in the last two days before our family adjourned to the beach, I glanced up while in a virtual meeting and saw that bindweed had nearly engulfed my Nandina. I snapped a photo of the terror of our garden and texted it to my husband, mostly so I wouldn’t forget that it needed to be done pronto, or else.

While remembering to pack laundry pods for my daughters to use, and cutting down open cereal boxes so they’d fit into the grocery box of foods we could not survive at the shore without, I began musing how leading an organization is a lot like gardening.

A few months ago, the board discovered that the WCADC bylaws hadn’t been updated since 1997 and were so out of date they contained quaint references to archaic communications modes such as a telephone tree and a newsletter requiring a budget for Xeroxing and postage (this against the backdrop of us getting very hep with social media and in August reaching the breathless milestone of 1000 Instagram followers).

So, over the summer a small task force has been busy weeding and trimming our bylaws, and they will be ready for you to vote on soon. Not a glamorous task, but a necessary aspect of maintaining the garden of our organization.

Holly Stone

President, WCADC

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