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New: Updated Member Profiles and Gallery

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

We recently updated our Member Gallery to make it easier for you to add, remove or change the photos associated with your profile. Follow these easy steps to update your profile and include photos.

1. The first thing you need to do is login to the website to create or edit your profile.

2. At the Login page, if you have already logged in once before, use the same method you used last time. If it is your first time, choose either Facebook or Gmail as this will make it easiest to login and you will not have to remember a user name and password. If you have multiple gmail accounts, use the same one every time. The first time you login, your account needs to be approved. If you are a current WCADC member in good standing, you will receive notification once your account is approved.

3. Click on the drop down next to your name and choose Profile.

4. Add an about and click Publish

5. Edit your picture and background

6. Add images to your Gallery. You can do this the first time by clicking the Gallery link in your profile.

7. You will then click on the link to add photos and be redirected to the Gallery. You can also hover your mouse over the Our Members link on the web page then click Member Gallery, then click Add Media.

8. Choose your file and upload it. Once it appears in the Gallery, you can open the image by clicking on it then add a description.

Lastly, browse other member's art and click the heart on the image to like it. If you have any issues logging in, please send us an email

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