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"Our Voices Carry Weight"

"Your voice is a unique and recognizable artistic style that is distinctly your own; your inspiration, your materials, techniques, themes and color palette all working together in a way that looks like it comes from you and no one else." Leni Levenson Weiner What is an Artist's Voice and How to Find It - WeAllSew

One of our members, Rosa Ines Vera uses her bilingual and bicultural vocabulary to tell us stories about the places she lives and has lived. Rosa and her work were highlighted in an interview, 2022 with Visionary Art Collective.

Bicultural and bilingual artist, Rosa Inés Vera, lives between Bethesda, Maryland and Lima, Peru. Rosa uses her experience of adjusting to different environments now and as a child in her artwork. Her expressive paintings feature figures from her culture and landscapes inspired by its beauty and the danger of climate change.

Learn more about Rosa and Visionary Art Collective here:

Our current exhibition

"Our Voices Carry Weight"

Some of the images from the exhibition "Our Voices Carry Weight" illustrate the varied voices women have. We have lots to say! February 3-April 23, 2023

Reception and Poetry reading will take place on March 18th, 2023, 2-4pm

Bohrer Park Activity Center 506 South Frederick Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 20877

"Let Me Speak" by Candice Tavares

"Mommy and Me" by Cortney Mohring

"Marilyn Strickland" by Sarah Schneiderman

"Ella" Lea Craigie

The Artist’s Statement—How Visual Artists Find and Use Voice

Visual artists have a special tool for finding and honing voice called, “the artistic statement.” We hate writing them; they are difficult to do, but a serious artist makes a regular practice of crafting one. Learn more tips on how to write an artist statement.

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