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Personal Best.

Merriam -Webster defines personal best (noun): the best achievement one has ever had.

In sports, especially in running it means the best time or score ever achieved by an athlete. In visual art, it is recognition locally, nationally and globally.

We each have work that we are extremely proud of and consider it our best. Perhaps you have a command of rendering in a realistic manner, or you have a vivid imagination, and your art expresses that imagination in a unique way. Maybe you excel in mixed media or handle abstracts like the masters, or your portraits truly capture the subject. This is an occasion to showcase your personal best in this WCADC all member show.

"You Go Girl" by Sandra Davis 2009

Women's Caucus for Art is a National Membership Organization for Women in the Visual Arts with 15 Chapters throughout the United States. If you want to see the best that our organization has to offer, visit the national website often.

How do you become the best?

George Condo, Liza Lou, and other artists tell us the everyday rituals that help them create their best work. Rachel Corbett, August 22, 2017

What makes some artists more successful than others? Talent, luck, and hard work certainly play a part, but there are other, subtler habits that many of the greats seem to have in common. We asked 11 artists about their work routines and the way they structure their lives to see how these everyday rituals, big and small, make them tick. Below, see the 12 habits that help these artists create their best work. Learn More

Who are considered the 100 Contemporary Female artists you need to know.

View this article by Mary Lynn Buchanan.

February 9, 2021

100 Contemporary Female Artists You Need to Know

  1. Amy Sherald

  2. Ana Segovia

  3. Andrea Bowers

  4. Anna Park

  5. Anya Kielar

  6. Arghavaan Khosravi

  7. Avery Singer

  8. Barbara Kruger

Amy Sherald

Arghavaan Khosravi

Mernet Larsen

See the best!

Quintessentially has listed the 2023's best exhibitions by female artists.

2023’s Best Art Shows by Women Artists | Quintessentially 2023’s Best Art Shows by Women Artists | Quintessentially Learn More

Words by Bojana Popovic 06 March 2023

There are lots of art shows to look forward to this year – and many of them are by women. Despite the art world historically being ruled by men (only 11 percent of all museum acquisitions between 2009 and 2019 were pieces by women), there are lots of female-focused and female-created exhibitions in 2023. Here, Quintessentially’s Art Advisor, Bojana Popovic, runs us through ten not to miss in London, NYC and Paris.


Alice Neel: Hot Off The Griddle Barbican, 16th February – 21st May

Alice Neel: Hot Off The Griddle, the largest exhibition to date in the UK of artist Alice Neel (1900–1984), presents some of the major works that solidified her name as one of the most important American portrait painters of her time. Capturing friends and family members, fellow artists and political rebels, her honest paintings give insight into her social circles and community while also providing a glimpse more generally into her time's social and political climate.

American 1900-1984 by Alice Neel


Faith Ringgold Musée Picasso, 31st January – 2nd July

American artist Faith Ringgold was drawn to the Parisian art scene during her travels in the 1950s, where she was deeply impacted by the art of Pablo Picasso. This retrospective at Musée Picasso sheds light on Ringgold's prolific career, as well as her role as a feminist and activist against racism. Her works immerse you in the American culture of her time – specifically, her experiences as a black woman revolting against the segregation and discrimination, she, and many others, suffered. Her compositions are often both beautiful and moving.

Early Works #25: Self-Portrait, 1965 by Faith Ringgold

New York

Cecily Brown: Death and the Maid The Met, 4th April – 24th September

Cecily Brown is one of my favourite contemporary artists. Her distinct painterly approach has granted her massive success over the past decade, with her paintings now firmly selling in the millions. Though at first glance entirely abstract, her vibrant compositions of thick impasto swirling forms evoke Old Masters like Rubens and Poussin. In fact, if you look at her paintings long enough, you can almost make out parts of the semi-nude figures that pose in so many Baroque paintings. Through this major exhibition, visitors can see key paintings, notebooks, and works on paper created throughout her career.

The Haunter, 2010 by Cecily Brown

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I appreciate the article on 12 highly effective habits for artists---it was encouraging because I do some of them and I learned some new activities too!

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