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Quick Tip: Go to an Art Museum Day

There seems to be a national “holiday” for an array of things beyond the imaginations of many creative creatives. From National Thesaurus Day on January 18 (not sure what that fun celebration would be like?) to National Eat What You Want Day on May 11 (oh, the possibilities!), there is something for just about everyone. One discovery that will bring a smile is Go to an Art Museum Day, on November 9.

With many museums reopening (albeit with limitations to facilitate social distancing and safe environments during the COVID-19 pandemic) it is an exciting possibility. If your health and comfort allow, visiting a museum to see art in person may be a wonderful way to recharge your creative reserves and expand your appreciation of all the amazing art we are so fortunate to have in the greater Washington area. The days/hours of operation may vary from each institution’s pre-pandemic norms, and tickets/reservations may be required, so verify details beforehand. As incredible as so many of the more well known museums are (from everything under the Smithsonian Institution umbrella to Glenstone and the National Museum of Women in the Arts and many more), also consider the specialty and less well-known venues, like Artechouse and the newly opened Planet Word Museum to mention just a couple. The point is to think about what would be uplifting and inspiring, and then choose the museum that inspires you.

If you are not ready or able to venture out in person, exploring a museum online can be interesting and fulfilling. You can go anywhere in the world online, so options are extensive. But if you take this approach, immerse yourself in the art like you would at an in-person visit, without distractions and with enough time allocated to appreciate what you are seeing. If you plan well, you get more out of any museum visit, including visits from the comfort of home wearing your fuzzy slippers.

So, whether you head out or go online on November 9, or use this idea to plan a museum visit another day, the benefits to your art practice cannot be underestimated.

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