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September Programs

All Member Meeting

Thursday, September 9, 7:00 pm

This is a great opportunity to look at all we have accomplished so far this year, share news and upcoming events, and most importantly, look to our membership for ways to get involved!!

September 12 @ 10 am

On our September Second Sunday take advantage of the opportunity to join other members in person at Glenstone Museum in Potomac at 10 am on September 12th. We have 20 spaces reserved. If desired, car pool from Barbara Wolanin’s house 20 minutes away.

We will start at the important retrospective exhibition of a pioneer African-American feminist and WCA Lifetime Achievement Awardee Faith Ringgold, which closes in October. There will also be new exhibitions by women artists and a chance to enjoy all of the museums, outdoor sculptures, and the extensive grounds at this amazing private museum.

Bring small purses only. Masks are required. Comfortable shoes of course. We should be able to purchase lunch there for those who wish to.

Tickets are no longer available.

September 26 @ 4 pm

Do You Know Her?

Sandra Davis interviews artist members of WCADC.

Guests: Sarah Hood Salomon and Karen Cohen

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