WCADC News - October 2021


Our Scholarship is Up and Running!

In response to the social unrest of 2020, WCADC made a public statement (it's at the top of our website). But, we felt it was important to follow words with action, so decided to offer a scholarship to a local BIPOC, female-identifying student in MD-DC-VA wishing to study art at the college level.

So, our scholarship program is now accepting applications. Pass the word!

My Ongoing Discomfort with Lisa Yuskavage

by Ellen Maidman-Tanner

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Holly Stone, a link appeared on the WCADC Facebook feed about the just-ended show of the artist Lisa Yuskavage at the Baltimore Museum of Art. I believe you can find it at #ArtBMA. Written by Cara Ober, it is a very well-researched, cogent commentary of this artist’s unique oeuvre of lollipop colored, voluptuous pre-pubescent girls, a kind of dayglow pornography set in bizarre and strangely-hued landscapes. (I can’t recommend this essay highly enough.)