WCADC President's letter: In Deeds

I don’t like being long-winded. We’re artists, and we’re busy.

Deeds are what matters. Actions matter. Words may inspire (you knew I was coming to this . . . !), but it is what people DO that makes a difference.

So February is Black History month, and it’s when we study and think about our history in relation to social justice and civil rights. But WCADC isn’t just thinking, and we’re not spilling gratuitous words. We’re DOING.

Our first scholarship is now open for entries. Actions are what matters. What a very “in” deed this is!

You may now pass the word with pride about our scholarship.

Holly Stone

President, WCADC

*NEW* WCADC Scholarship info

From the Scholarship Committee:

Thank you again to all of the artists that submitted to the "See My Color" virtual exhibit. Your exhibition entry fee helped fund this scholarship for a local female-identifying BIPOC (Black,