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Welcome New Board Member

Community Outreach Chair: Tronja Anglero

We are pleased to introduce Tronja Anglero to the Board. She is our new Community Outreach Chair and is leading the Community Outreach Committee. She will also lead the Scholarship Committee which has hit the ground running. We also need more volunteers to assist us with these two committees.

Tronja is an emerging fine-art creator based in Virginia, where she is using art to tell stories from the past, present, and future. Tronja was raised in a home that nurtured and inspired her creative spirit. Her mother was a fashion designer in the 1970s who worked alongside revolutionary talent such as the young Betsy Johnson. Tronja often traveled with her mother, learning about fashion, design, and sketching, and how to make drawings come to life. Later, Tronja earned her BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and worked in the garment industry for several years as a Fashion Illustrator for Randolph Duke and a Fashion Designer for women’s clothing.

Tronja’s style is strongly influenced by her work in the garment industry, as she continues to utilize bold, vibrant colors, experimental textures, and dramatic movement strokes. She uses these techniques and various mediums, including mixed media collage, acrylic, ink, and gouache, to depict expressive female forms with vivid emotion. Tronja is passionate about painting celebrations, rituals, and customs, and their relationships with women of color and liberation from across the globe.

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